Our mission is to find and deliver the best of the best cruelty free brands available on the Market. We pride ourselves on working with those that are aligned with our goals and values.  



Animalista is a Colombian brand designing and producing ethical shoes and bags. Not only are their products 100% cruelty free but they are also committed to environmentally friendly practices such as usage of recycled materials. Environmentally friendly materials comprises of PET bottles and recycled textiles.

Animalista is also committed to fair trade practices.

Their product line is is chic and versatile and above all high quality. Check out some Animalista kicks today!



Aluna shoes are handmade shoes, with comfort and quality in mind. The shoes and designs are inspired by nature and come in a range of different styles.

Whilst Aluna Shoes do not specialise in vegan only shoes, what we love is that they value diversity and are supporters of animal rescue charities.

Note: We only stock their 100% vegan products. 



The Manavai range is a luxurius shoe made from best sustainable products, with a huge emphasis on ethical, sustainable and slow fashion. These shoes are designed and made in Chile.

What we love about Manavai is that they use exclusive materials such as Pinatext, and have the added premium feel with the added detail of using organic cotton and natural stones. 

The Manavai range is expanding and evolving. Check these out today!


Vegetariano Eco Shoes

Whilst the name may suggest that these shoes are vegetarian, they are in fact 100% cruelty free. Not only are they cruelty free they quite innovative and 100% focused on sustainability.

Each shoe is designed with a biodegradable sole, made from natural grass and vegetable latex. Don't be fooled by thinking that by being biodegradable they are not durable, as they are durable.

They use ancestral technique to create natural fabric, some shoes are lined with recycled tyres. The heels are held together using recycled plastic bottles. Check these out today!


Vesicapiscis Footwear

The brand is set on the foundation of a circular economy, by which the production process minimises the use of waste. Vesicapisicis does this in two ways; all products are made by using recycled material and the end product is recyclable. All materials used are sourced locally which also minimises their carbon footprint. They are 100% veganhandmade and fair trade, what more could you possible ask for.